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Once you have reached level 20 and completed the main story, you have the option of choosing to fight for a faction.

Note: Faction events run for a week and rewards will change after a certain duration. Please refer to the game updates thread for news about when Bungie indicates a faction event will change.                                                     

There are three factions to choose from, each with their own motto, color scheme (shaders), rewards, and philosophy. Don’t worry, you are not stuck with a faction for life, and I’m sure players will be encouraged to change their allegiances depending on what goodies are offered. Each offer unique gear, shaders, and a powerful weapon for the winning faction. While this weapon is eventually available to all players regardless of faction you will get a huge price break if you belong to the winner. Choosing which faction to side with may depend on a few things: Your class, style of play, aesthetics, gear needs or just based on how cool they are! Here is a little background on each faction…


Dead Orbit

Faction Representative: Arach Jalaal
Color Scheme: black and white
Motto: "The Traveler is not our only salvation. Another future lies out among the light of other stars."

The Dead Orbit faction believes that Earth, and the surrounding planets are ultimately a lost cause filled to the brim with corruption, powerful enemies, and insurmountable threats like the Darkness. To that end, they believe that rather than spending resources fighting for a lost cause, humanity should abandon this sector of space and journey far away, searching the stars for their true Destiny and their final salvation. The Dead Orbit faction doesn’t put a whole lot of stock in the Traveler, and would rather focus efforts on harvesting Golden Age technology to fuel research that could help them travel far away from the darkness and other threats. Although not lawless by nature, Dead Orbit has no problem breaking the law on occasion to meet their goals, a policy that puts them constantly at odds with the New Monarchy.


Future War Cult

Faction Representative: Lakshmi-2
Color Scheme: purple, gold, and orange/red
Motto: "There is no future but now. No truth but war."

The Future War Cult is probably the only faction in the history of factions that consider the title, “cult,” a badge of honor. Despite this they’re no more insane than any of the other factions, technically. The Future War Cult believes that by studying war, conflict, and relentlessly training they can predict future wars and threats, and therefore prepare for them accordingly. Surprisingly this fascination with the future isn’t entirely unmerited. The Future War Cult can trace their origins to a group of scientists that once attempted to use Vex Mind technology to predict the future, the device they created did seem to work, but it also rendered those who used it insane, and the futures often varied wildly from subject to subject, suggesting that multiverse theory may have been disrupting their interpretation of possible events. The project was ended due to the drastic side effects, but the Future War Cult continues to attempt to predict the future supposedly through more mundane means, and by some providence were the only faction that warned the Red Legion was soon to attack, and tried to prepare accordingly when their warnings fell on deaf ears.


New Monarchy

Faction Representative: Executor Hideo
Color Scheme: red and white
Motto: "Hope will be born from the collective triumphs of the king in us all."

The New Monarchy is skeptical of the current governing body on the Tower, and believe that the Speaker, the Vanguard, and the Consensus should be replaced by an elected monarch in order to ensure stability and to help guide humanity back to its former Golden Age glory. The New Monarchy believes heavily in all things law and order, and also in unity across all humanity, often repeating the phrase, “together we will rise,” as an essential part of their creed. Ultimately the New Monarchy believes that only by uniting under a common cause, and a common leader will humanity be able to save the earth, and themselves from total destruction.


How do I earn points (tokens) for my faction?

Basically, by completing gameplay as you normally would. Completing Public Events,  destroying Lost Sector supplies, Strikes, Raids, and Crucible matches all will earn you tokens. There are reports of a 600 token soft cap on turn-ins (unconfirmed) so make sure to grab what gear you want first.